Friday, 16 March 2012

introduction from muqri54 name is Muhamad Muqri bin Mohamed Hashim.i  am from SMKA MAAHAD HAMIDIAH and i study in class 4 Ghazali...this is my blog..i'm new in this..i made this after my teacher ask me i must do because this is her project..i love to play favourite team is chelsea..i don't know how to describe myself..but my frennzz always said that i always make a angry face.??.is it??.huh..emmm..i am not a serious person..juzz.huh don't know lah...last word..emm...chelsea4ever dude..


  1. Thank you Muqri for your cooperation to create this blog..i really appreciate it..
    from the background of your blog, i know that you love football..i also love football but my favourite club is Liverpool..
    Liverpool and Chelsea..which one is better??
    i vote for Liverpool!!=))

  2. go chelsea go ! hehe

  3. Teacher as!!!! of course Chelsea is more better than Liverpool! Hehe

    1. Maybe you are right..Chelsea is better than Liverpool but Liverpool is the best! =p